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when you’re on ur computer and someone’s standing behind u

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"I love Josh and Ginny. I call them mom and dad, it’s like I’m their surrogate child sitting in the back of the car chiming in and being the third wheel on their dates. It’s really fun to be Ginny and Josh’s fake child."

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Me during a jump course

me: okay, I got this. Focus. We can do this.

Me: wait, what's my first jump?

Me: why are my reins so short?

Me: why are my reins so long?

Me: horsey, help me I forgot the course

Me: oh wait, never mind

Me: what are my legs doing?

Me: is my trainer even here?

Me: oh look I'm not dead

Me: wait, I'm on a horse?!??!

Horse: fucking humans.



One of my favourite shows:


One of my least favourite shows:


Do you see my problem

this is accurate and it hurts

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Tumblr: Only a heartless person would scroll pa-

Me: *Scrolls past*